Laboratory of Endocrinology and biochemistry

The laboratory of endocrinology and biochemistry investigates mechanisms of action of small doses of the ionizing radiation and also an electromagnetic radiation of range of mobile communication on a regulation of metabolic processes and the functional condition of the major systems of an organism depending on a condition of an endocrine system and also carries out the analysis of the next and remote consequences of influence of a radiation and ecological situation of an exclusion zone of the CNPP on posterity. Special attention is paid to development of methods of increase in a radioresistance of an organism by means of substances of natural origin, vitamins, substrates, antioxidants and also tools and ways of detoxicating of an organism by means of enterosorbents.


History of laboratory:

The laboratory of endocrinology and biochemistry was founded in 2003 on the basis of merging of laboratories of biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, morphology and cytogenetics which functioned during stay of Institute in Minsk.


Basic scientific directions of laboratory:

  • Consequences of radiation of parents, prenatal and post-natal radiation on a state reproductive and other systems of an organism of rats males and females in the remote period.
  • Regulation of a cardiovascular system in the conditions of radiation and action of a stress and assessment of a role of nitrogen oxide in these processes for the purpose of development of ways of increase in stability of the blood circulatory system.
  • Influence of an electromagnetic radiation of range of mobile communication (900-1800 MHz) on a condition of the most sensing systems of an organism and metabolic processes at influence at preadolescent age.
  • Development of new effective antiactinic remedies on the basis of biologically active materials. Creation of new prophylactics on the basis of mineral and vegetable raw materials of natural origin.


Laboratory staff:

Head of the laboratory Goroh Grigory Andreevich

Researcher Chueshova Natalya Vladimirovna

Researcher Bakshaeva Margarita Alexandrovna

Junior Researcher Kozlov Alexander Evgenievich

Junior Researcher Dolmatovich Svetlana Sergeevna

Junior Researcher Novikov Roman Igorevich

Junior Researcher Shubenok Elena Alexandrovna

Junior Researcher Kozubenko Maria Alexandrovna

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