Head of the Department of BioSystems Sustainability, PhD BioScs,



Scientific interests and research efforts are mainly dedicated to broadening understanding of the mechanisms and biological effects of various stress factors, such as emotional stress, exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and different chemicals etc., investigating the state of active cell proliferation in tissues, with a special focus on testicular tissue and the male reproductive system in general, which is especially relevant today considering the rapidly growing rates of male infertility.

Proficient in flow cytofluorometry and other state-of-the-art analytical methods and techniques used to ensure the highest level of research and give essential knowledge for a deeper understanding of the body systems and their functions.

Education and Career:

2020 – pres.  Head of the Department of BioSystems Sustainability, IRB

2020             Defended her PhD thesis titled “Reproductive organs of male rats in a postnatal    period and of their posterity exposed to electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone”  and awarded a PhD Degree in Biology (aka Candidate of Biological Sciences)

2014 – 2019 PhD Course in Radiobiology, IRB

2006 – 2020 Researcher, Endocrinology & Biochemistry Laboratory, IRB

2001 – 2002 Advanced Training Course in General Clinical Diagnostics, Gomel State Medical University

2001             Graduated from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty

Patented Inventions:

Radioprotective Drug. Chueshova N.V., Kozlov A.Ye., Cheshik I.A. Patent no. 23292, Republic of Belarus. Publ. 30 Dec 2020.


Author and co-author of over 70 published scientific works, including 20 research papers published in Belarus VAK (Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus) journals.

Vereshchako G.G., Chueshova N.V., Gunkova N.V. Sostoianie reproduktivnoi sistemy krys-samtsov posle dlitelnogo zlektromagnitnogo oblucheniia mobilnym telefonom (900 MGts) v period ee formirovaniia (The state of the reproductive system of male rats continuously exposed to EMR from a mobile phone (900 MHz) during its formation, in Russian). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Biol. Series. 2012. No. 4. P. 52–56.

Vereshchako G.G., Gorokh G.A., Gunkova N.V., Sukhareva D.V., Chueshova N.V. Reaktsiia krovetvornoi i reproduktivnoi sistem organizma i uroven nekotorykh gormonov v syvorotke krovi krys-samtsov, podvergnutykh dlitelnoi ekspozitsii EMP diapazona mobilnoi sviazi (The reaction of the hematopoietic and reproductive systems and the level of certain hormones in blood serum of male rats in prolonged exposure to EM mobile communications field range, in Russian). J. of Bel. State University. ECOLOGY. 2012. Vol. 1. Issue 19. P. 47–52.

Vereshchako G.G., Chueshova N.V., Gorokh G.A., Naumov A.D. Sostoianie reproduktivnoi sistemy krys-samtsov 1-go pokoleniia, poluchennykh ot obluchennykh roditelei i podvergnutykh vozdeistviiu EMI (897 MGts) v period embriogeneza i postnatalnogo razvitiia (Reproductive system of first-generation male offspring of irradiated parents following their exposure to EMR (897 MHz) during embryogenesis and postnatal development, in Russian). Rad. Biol. Radioecology. 2014. Vol. 54. No. 2. P. 186–192.

G. Vereschako, N. V. Tchueshova, E. V. Andronova. Implications of beam effects in the reproductive system male rats 1st generation received from female irradiated with a dose of 0.5 Gy (in Russian). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Biol. Series. 2015. Vol. 1. P. 69–72.

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