About institute

State Scientific Institution «Institute of Radiobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus» was established on February 12, 1987.

Presently in the Institute operates 6 laboratories:

– laboratory of combined effects;

– laboratory of modeling and minimization of anthropogenic risks;

– laboratory of public health and information support of the population;

– laboratory of radioecology;

– laboratory of experimental biological models;

– laboratory of endocrinology and biochemistry.

Scientists of the Institute can provide the following services:

– analysis of anthropogenic loads and ensuring environmental safety of natural environments;

– impact assessment the radiation hazardous objects on the environment and human (modeling of the release of radioactive substances, calculation of the dose loads on the body, transfer and distribution of radionuclides between biotic and abiotic components of ecosystem);

– impact assessment the electromagnetic radiation of industrial frequency (GSM-communication, WiFi and etc.) on living organisms;

– development of new means for increases the body’s resistance to the effects of adverse environmental factors from raw materials of natural origin.