Interpreter / Translator

Graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus, with a major in Modern Foreign Languages and World Literature and qualifications of a Linguist and an Educator of English and French Languages and Literature.

Translator and interpreter with RIR since 2008. Up to the RIR-IRB merger in 2019, was a personal director’s assistant in charge of international communication and all sorts of administrative arrangements related but not limited to international cooperation. Translated scores of co-workers’ production, national and international regulatory and technical documents (for internal use, mostly), scientific papers, reviews, project reports, presentations and whatnot. Has exceptional linguistic skills, a knack for creativity, excellent communication and negotiation skills and strong background in editing, proofreading and localization. Technically savvy and is a collaborative and friendly teammate.

Provided administrative, translation/interpretation support, assisted in coordination or otherwise participated in a number of large-scale international projects, including CEPN–RIR “Implementation of Local Centres for Practical Radiological Culture in Chechersk District” (2008–2009), NRPA–RIR “Assessment of Internal Contamination in Children of Chechersk District” (2008–2010), SDC–RIR “Inclusive Radiation Monitoring System in Slavgorod District” (2009–2010), NERIS NRPA–RIR “Improvement of Cooperation System Between National and Local Authorities and other Stakeholders on Post-Accident Long-Term Radiation Protection of Population in Bragin District of Gomel Region” (2011–2014), TERRITORIES IRSN–CEPN–RIR “Exposure Uncertainties Associated to Human Behavior” (2017–2018).

Provided full-scale translation support, coordinated and co-organized or assisted in coordination and co-organization of numerous international events, workshops, meetings, conferences and training courses, of which the most noteworthy are the three editions of CEPN–RIR training course on “Late Phase Nuclear Accident Preparedness and Management” in 2014, 2015 and 2017; and two IAEA training courses hosted by RIR in 2017 in the framework of TC RER/9/137 project “Enhancing National Capabilities for Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies” on 1) application, use and maintenance of laboratory instruments for differentiation and quantification of radioisotopes in animals and animal products, and 2) application, use and maintenance of field survey instrument.

In 2016, attended the NEA OECD International Workshop on Post-Accident Food Safety Science in Fukushima, Japan, as an assistant translator for one of the key experts invited from RIR. In 2018 and 2019, joined the institute’s delegation to visit National Radiation Protection Institute (SÚRO) in Prague, Czech Republic, to assist in drafting official bilateral documents, incl. Memorandum of Understanding, Cooperation Agreement and joint research projects.

On March 15, 2019, upon RIR-to-IRB merger, was assigned to already-disbanded Laboratory of Public Health, Information Support and International Project Activities as a lead translator. In summer 2020, was re-assigned back to the Administration Division.

Has a penchant for multicultural environments, self-cultivation, travelling, BMX and Japan.