Laboratory of Modeling and Anthropogenic Risks Minimization

General information

The laboratory was founded on July 2016. The lab team carries out studies on assessment and modeling of the content, translocation of technogenic pollutants (radionuclides, heavy metals etc.) in the environment; development of software and technical facilities for analyzing anthropogenic loads and environmental safety; development and improvement of methodological approaches on assessment of ecologycal and radiation risks.

Laboratory staff works on:

– methods for determining and reducing migration of pollutants in order to minimize consequences of anthropogenic impact on the environment,
– development of multifunctional decision support systems based on GIS technologies for pollutants transfer prediction on contaminated territories of the Republic of Belarus.

Laboratory staff:

Lab manager, Ph.D. Dvornik Alexander
Senior researcher, Ph.D. Chekhovskiy Artur
Senior researcher, Shamal Natalia
Researcher, Korol Raisa
Researcher, Gaponenko Sergey
Young researcher, Bardyukova Alesya
Young researcher, Seglin Veronica


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Gaponenko, V.I. A comparative study of 40K versus 137Cs uptake as chemical analogs by vegetable plants at different concentrations of these nuclides in soil near the 30-km Chernobyl zone / V.I. Gaponenko, N.V. Shamal, A.N. Nikitin // Radioprotection. – 2016. – 51(1). – p. 25-30.


Contact details:

Phone number: +375 (232) 68 35 98