Department of Environmental and Food Quality

The Department’s objective lies in studying the behaviour of contaminants and radionuclides in natural and agricultural landscapes in order to elaborate methods and means for the safety of human environment and quality food production in radiation-affected and otherwise technogenically disturbed areas.

Main focus of research:

  • biogeochemical cycling of radionuclides under the changing climatic and hydrological conditions;
  • microorganisms and their effect on the bioavailability of pollutants;
  • new approaches to handle radionuclide uptake by agricultural products;
  • development of new land management and remediation techniques based on the machine learning methods and deep neural networks;
  • environmental assessments for ecosystems under continuous effects of ionizing radiation;
  • assessments of the adaptation of living organisms to the long-term effects of ionizing radiation.

The Department of Environmental and Food Quality is composed of 4 research labs:

Agroecology and Mass Analysis


Anthropogenic Risk Modelling and Minimization

Environmentally Safe Animal Production under Technogenic Contamination Conditions


Head of the Department

Natalia TSIMOKHINA, PhD BioScs



Phone: +375 232 349754