Deputy Director for Science, PhD Biological Sciences

Scientific interests: radiobiology; immunology; mechanisms of radiation-induced pathological conditions of the lungs; general characteristics of exposure-induced responses of living organisms; means and techniques to enhance body adaptive abilities.

Education and Career

Graduated in 1993 from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty, with a top-student honours degree. Started her IRB career in 1994. Took her postgraduate course in Radiobiology during 1997–2002 and in 2003 successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “The state of populations of cell immunity effectors of the lungs exposed to ionizing radiation” (scientific supervisor – Academician E.F. Konoplya).

2003 – Scientific Secretary, IRB
2009 – Deputy Director for Science, IRB
2004 – 2012 Scientific Secretary, Dissertation Advisory Committee (Radiobiology), IRB

A past and present member of several scientific councils and inter-institutional committees on the acceptance of research deliverables in the frameworks of National R&D Programmes, such as Radiation and Anthropoecology (2003–2005), Radiation and Ecosystems (2006–2010), current programme on Radiation, Ecology and Technosphere, and Natural Resources Potential Programme.

Author and co-author of over 50 scientific publications, 3 patents.

Awarded with Honorary Certificates of Gomel Regional Executive Committee and Ministry of Health for her study of nonspecific resistance of the body exposed to ionizing radiation and the ways of improving the body’s radioresistance, discovery of the mechanisms and effects of low doses of ionizing radiation, and for her scientific and organizational support for the implementation of national fundamental research programmes.