Information-Analytical System in Radiation Safety of Individual Household Plots, Family Farms and Personal Gardens

Recommendations for home crop cultivation and personal livestock farming in contaminated rural areas in the long term after the Chernobyl accident, developed in the framework of the same-titled scientific assignment under the State Programme on Overcoming the Consequences of the Chernobyl NPP Disaster 2011–2015 and up until 2020, are additionally made available in the form of an interactive information application – a web application accessed through a web browser.

The info app has a user-friendly interface split in two, where the left part is a menu with a list of section titles for a user to choose from, and the right, bigger part of the screen, will display information on a selected topic.

Importantly, the app also features an option enabling users to find out about the local contamination situation and estimated contamination levels in plant and animal products in any village within a designated contaminated area. The option concludes the menu list under the name Contamination Estimates (Russian: прогноз загрязнения). After choosing a region, district and a village of interest, displayed will be the up-to-date information about the local radiological situation in the village including its official status in terms of Chernobyl-related regulations and laws, radioactive zone designation and the local deposition densities of radionuclides as reported by Belhydromet – the state meteorological agency.

The estimated values of 137Cs and 90Sr contamination of plant (vegetables, fruits and berries) and animal (milk and meat, eggs) products will be shown in their respective interactive charts. By pointing the mouse cursor over the chart bars, each representing a particular plant/animal product, you will be able to view the estimated radioactive contamination a product is expected to contain when produced in this particular area. You can choose the charts to show either one or both radionuclides simultaneously, or select several products for comparison. Using these and other tools available from the tool bar (download, select, zoom in/out etc.) offers you a comfortable way to view the chart data in close detail.

This info app is available in Russian only. You can access it via Please contact us for any additional enquiries.

Source citing is necessary and required when using our info app data, prediction estimates or the information above in whole or parts.