Junior researcher, Radioecology Laboratory

Scientific interests:

radiobiology, radioecology, migration of transuranic radionuclides (238,239,240Pu, 241Am) in soil-to-plant-to-wild hoofed animals chains, dose calculation, parasitology, epizootic situation and preventive measures against trematode infections of gastropods and cyprinids


Born in 1992 in Gomel. Graduated in 2015 from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty, with a qualification of Biologist/Educator of Biology and Chemistry. Completed Master’s course in 2017, with a MA degree in Biological Sciences and a thesis on “Existing epizootic situation and preventive measures against helminthiasis in the populations of gastropods and cyprinids in water bodies and channels of Gomel’s recreational areas”.

In 2017, entered a postgraduate course in Radiobiology.

During his university years, was an elected Biology Faculty event organizer. Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for the contribution and his active part in the university’s cultural life. Was a member of University Research Laboratory “Poisk” (eng. Search).


An author of a number of research papers published in conference proceedings and abstract collections, including:

Nikitin, A. Influence of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency on sensitivity of plants to cold stress / A. Nikitin, D. Suhareva, E. Mishchenko, A. Zubareva, O. Shurankova, R. Spirov // IEEE Xplore Digital Library. – IEEE, 2018. DOI: 1109/ELMECO. 2017. 8267732

Мищенко, Е.В. Зараженность описторхозом моллюсков Гомельской области (= Clam opisthorchiasis in the Gomel Region, in Russian) / Е.В. Мищенко // От идеи — к инновации. Материалы XXI республиканской студенческой научно-практической конференции, Мозырь, 24 апр. 2014 г. В 2 ч. Ч. 2; редкол.: И.Н. Кралевич (отв. ред.)[и др.]. — Мозырь, 2014. — С.42-43.

Мищенко Е.В., Никитин А.Н., Сухарева Д.В. Оценка влияния электромагнитного излучения на развитие семян пшеницы яровой (= Assessment of the EMI impact on the development of wheat seeds, in Russian) // Техногенные системы и экологический риск: Тезисы докладов I Международной (XIV Региональной) научной конференции / Под общ. ред. А.А. Удаловой. – Обнинск: НИЯУ МИФИ, 2017. – С. 228-229

Никитин А.Н. Влияние электромагнитного поля мм-диапозона на изменение чувствительности растений к холодовому стрессу (= The effect of mm-range electromagnetic filed on the changes in cold stress response of plants, in Russian) / Д.В. Сухарева, Е.В.Мищенко // Радиобиология. ВЫЗОВЫ XXI Века: материалы междунар. науч. конф. Гомель: Ин-т радиологии, 2017. – С. 121-124