Vereshchako Gennadii Grigorievich

Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Scientific interests: radiobiology, radiation biochemistry.

In 1966, graduated from V.I. Lenin Byelorussian State University, Faculty of Biology, and started his scientific carrier in the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology of the BSSR Health Ministry. In 1968–1974, a postgraduate student and junior researcher at the Institute of Physiology of the BSSR Academy of Sciences where he wrote and defended his PhD thesis in 1973. From 1975, a senior researcher and head of Biochemistry Sector of the Problems Research Laboratory, Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. From 1986, a senior researcher and later a lead researcher of the BSSR Academy of Sciences Sector of Gerontology transformed in 1987 into the Institute of Radiobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Starting from 2004 to present, deputy head of IRB Endocrinology and Biochemistry Laboratory.

Author of over 230 scientific publications in radiobiology, radiation biochemistry, biochemistry of muscle activity, sports biochemistry, cytological and histological chemistry. Co-authored Encyclopedic Dictionary of Radiobiology, author of the monograph “The effects of electromagnetic irradiation from mobile phones on the male reproductive system and progeny”, multiple reviews in journals “Achievements in Contemporary Biology”, “Problems of Reproduction”, and original research works published in Soviet and Russian journals “Radiation Biology. Radioecology”, “Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine”, “Hygiene and Sanitation”, “Theory and Practice of Physical Culture”, and scientific papers published in Ukrainian (“Ukrainian Biochemical Journal”) and Belarusian peer-reviewed scientific journals: «DOKLADY of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Biological Series”, “Health”, “Science and Innovations”, “Ecological Bulletin”, “Problems of Health and Ecology” etc. Was involved in the elaboration of a series of methodological guidance and recommendations. A co-author of two patents.