Scientific interests:

Photoprotectors; radio- and toxic sensitivity modification, neoplastic processes of mammals; recyclable resources, management and sustainability; waste management.


Other interests: literature and creative writing, inventions and innovations, foreign languages, history of science and technology, farm technologies.

Personal background:

Born in 1977 in Gomel, Belarus. In 1994, a student of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty with a specialization in Chemistry. Graduated in 1999, same year completed Advanced Training Course in Practical Psychology at the same university. Upon graduation, worked as a school teacher of Biology and Chemistry at a local rural school. In compulsory national military service from 2000 to 2001. In 2003–2004, worked at a paint and coating production factory. From 2004 to 2007, employed at IRB in a position of a junior researcher, Laboratory of Radiation-Toxicological Ecology. During 2007–2010, a PhD student of IRB-based postgraduate course in Radiobiology. In parallel, completed the English Course in Advanced Training Department of Sukhoi State Technical University. In 2009–2011, studied Polish Language and Culture in Francisk Skorina Gomel State University. Won a PhD students competition and was awarded a Presidential Stipend in 2010. Since 2010, a researcher of IRB Combined Effects Laboratory. Since 2020, a researcher of the Department BioSystems Sustainability, IRB.

Chief investigator of several completed R&D projects:

  • 2011–2013 Development of biological models and experimental estimate of combined effects of pollutants on the respiratory organs of animals;
  • 2013 WP3.01 “Radiation-induced alterations of biologically important macromolecules (albumin, DNA, hemoglobin) and their influence on pathogenic processesunder the factors of non-radiation origin”, 2011–2013 State R&D Programme on Chemical Technologies and Materials, Natural Resource Potential;
  • 2014–2015 WP 3.01 “Transgenerational study of the combined effect from ionizing radiation and atmospheric pollution for the development of the body function assessment criteria”, 2014–2015 State R&D Programme on Chemical Technologies and Materials, Natural Resource Potential;
  • 2016–2020 WP 3.04 “Photoprotection activity of lichen-based substances”, 2016–2020 State R&D Programme on Natural Resources and Ecology, Sub-programme “Radiation and Natural Recourses”.

In charge of the ongoing research project:

2021–2025 “Estimate the doses and effects on biota from ionizing radiation combined with a stress of various origin in the area of chronic radiation exposure”, State R&D Programme on Natural Resources and Ecology, Sub-programme 10.3 “Radiation and Biological Systems”.


Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

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Publications in Report Collections

S. Kovalchuk, D. R. Petrenev, S. V. Goncharov. Osobennosti pokazatelei metgemoglobina krovi u bolnykh ishemicheskoi bolezniu serdtsa posleozonoterapii (= Peculiarities of blood methemoglobin indices in patients with ischemic heart disease after ozone therapy, in Russian). Contemporary Problems in Medicine (Journal of the Gomel Medical University), 2007; vol. 2 (7); pp. 83–86.

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Conference Proceedings

R. Petrenev, D. A. Gospodarev, S. V. Goncharov, E. F. Konoplia. The effects of selenomethionine on some cellular and biochemical parameters of blood following the exposure to ionizing radiation (in Russian). In: Human Ecology in Post-Chernobyl Period, XIV Int. Sc. Pract. Conf., 13–15 Dec 2006, Minsk, Belarus; pp. 457–462.

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A complete list of publications by this author is available on request, or please go to the Russian web-page to take a look.  

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