Liudmila ZHUKOVA

Researcher, Laboratory of Agroecology and Mass Analyses


Scientific interests:

modern spectrometric and radiochemical techniques, determination of gamma-emitters in environmental samples, QC /  QA of measurements.



1980, graduated from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Faculty of Physics. Upon graduation, was assigned for a position of an engineer at Gomel Technological Machinery Factory.

Joined the institute in 1986. Started as engineer-radiologist in Physicochemical Lab. Took part in the elaboration of specific, Chernobyl-tailored measurement and calibration procedures for domestic and exterior gamma-spectrometry systems.

1996, junior researcher of Laboratory of Radiochemistry and Spectrometry, reorganized in 1999 and renamed to Mass Analysis Laboratory. 2009, transferred to a position of Researcher in charge of spectrometry team. Since lab reorganization in 2020, a researcher of Laboratory of Agroecology and Mass Analyses.

Took part in the STB ISO/IEC 17025 lab accreditation process in 2004, multiple domestic and worldwide inter-laboratory exercises.

In 2017, was one of the local experts in IAEA training course hosted by RIR in the application, the use and the maintenance of laboratory instruments for differentiation and quantification of radioisotopes in animals and animal products (IAEA TC PROJECT RER/9/137 “Enhancing National Capabilities for Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies”; Component on “Re-enforcing Veterinary Authorities to Respond to Nuclear Emergencies”) in charge of the practical exercises on: 1) Gamma-spectrometry instrumentation, types of gamma-ray detectors, radiometry equipment operating instructions, 2) Measurement of gamma-ionizing radionuclides concentrations in milk, meat, foods, feeds and agricultural raw materials. Input and analysis of gamma spectrums, activity calculation, and 3) Calibration of gamma-spectrometry systems using Genie-2000 software, QC / QA of measurements.


Определение удельной активности Cs-137 и Sr-90 в пробах малого объема с помощью гамма-бета-спектрометра МКС-АТ 1315. А.Н. Переволоцкий, Л.В. Жукова, З.В. Лозовая. (= Measurement of specific activities of Cs-137 and Sr-90 in minute-volume samples with the use of a gamma-beta-spectrometer, in Russian.)

О содержании ДПР радона в дождевой воде. М.И. Автушко, Л.В. Жукова, Москва журнал АНРИ 2007 № 12. (= On the content of radon progenies in rainwater, in Russian.)

Результаты участия в программе оценки качества измерений радиоактивности в окружающей среде. С.А. Тагай, Л.В. Жукова, Н.В. Дударева тематический сборник (= The results of participation in the quality assessment programme for the measurements of radioactivity in the environment, in Russian.)