Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists is a public association of the Institute of Radiobiology representing the interests of its young scientists, researchers and other specialists under 35 y.o.

The councils activity focuses on:

  • promoting professional growth among scientific youth and specialists of the institute;
  • attracting the youth to NASB circles, popularizing scientific activity among university, college and school students;
  • encouraging and promoting scientific achievements of young scientists;
  • providing information updates on vacancies, funds and grants, conferences and schools and other events for young scientists;
  • fulfilling the role of a representative body to defend the rights of young scientists at academic councils and management officers’ meetings;
  • expressing the opinions of young scientists with regard to various aspects of professional activity, social and living conditions etc.;
  • organization of scientific conferences, workshops, forums, lecture sessions, round tables, schools etc. involving young and distinguished scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • organization of tourist, sports and cultural events

Members of the Council are any and all IRB young scientists, researchers and other specialists aged under 35 y.o.


Phone: + 375 25 523-18-97