About IRB

Founded in 1987, the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Radiobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus” (IRB NASB, or IRB) consists of seven research laboratories:

– Laboratory of Radioecology;
– Laboratory of Endocrinology & Biochemistry;
– Laboratory of Anthropogenic Risk Modelling and Minimization;
– Laboratory of Combined Effects;
– Laboratory of Experimental Biological Models;
– Laboratory of Environmentally Safe Animal Production under Technogenic Contamination Conditions;
– Laboratory of Agroecology and Mass Analyses.

The scope of services provided by our research laboratories includes but is not limited to:

– analysis of anthropogenic dose loads and environmental safety of natural environments;
– assessment of environmental and health impacts of radiation, including air dispersion modelling, dose calculation, transfer and distribution assessment of radionuclides in biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem;
– assessment of health effects of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. GSM, WiFi and other industrial frequencies);
– development of new materials enhancing body resistance against the effects of adverse environments using raw materials of natural origin.