Lead researcher, Radioecology Laboratory, PhD Agricultural Sciences

Chair of IRB Trade Union


Phone: +375 232 683 944

Mobile: +375 29 2342013


Scientific interests:   Ecology, Radiology, Geomorphology, Sociology and Psychology

Education and Career:

Born in 1968. Graduated from Belarusian State Agricultural Academy in 1991, with a diploma in Agronomy. Has a wide-ranged experience in agro-industrial occupations. In 2009, defended PhD thesis and was awarded an academic title of a Candidate of Sciences (PhD) with a specialization in Agrochemistry.

2009 – 2018    Senior researcher, Radioecology Laboratory, IRB

2009 – 2011    Associate professor, Geography Department of the Francisk Skoryna Gomel State University

December 2018 Head of Laboratory of Public Health, Information Support and International Project Activities, IRB

2020 Lead researcher, Radioecology Laboratory, IRB

Has a diverse practical research and teaching experience in the areas of radiology and ecology. Proactive both in her career and lifestyle. Since 2010, an appointed Chairperson of the IRB Trade Union, and a member of NAS Republican Trade Union. In 2017, was awarded a Certificate of Honour by Gomel Regional Association of Unions for her long-running diligent work and active position towards protection of social and economic rights and interests of the union members, and in 2018 was distinguished by NAS Presidium of Unified Unions with a Certificate of Merit for her fruitful and diligent union chair career.

Currently, is engaged in elaborating several essential projects on behalf of the laboratory: “A system of information measures to improve radiological culture, quality of life and ensure human life safety”, “An innovative screening system for assessing the health situation of the Gomel region”, “Impact assessment of the level of radioecological culture of population on local demographic problems of the regions of Belarus affected by Chernobyl”.

She takes an active part in the implementation of the National Scientific Research Programme “Management of Natural Resources and Ecology” for the period of 2016–2020, where she is in charge of coordinating one of the research topics, i.e. “Assess the influence of interannual variability of hydrological and temperature regimes on physicochemical forms of radionuclides and heavy metals present in the soils, and on their accumulation by plant organisms”.

Is actively involved in international projects. In 2016, won a Horizon 2020 Twinning Research Grant.


Author and co-author of 70 published papers, 2 methodological recommendations, 5 publications in scientific VAK journals (Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus).

Nikitin, A.N. Impact of effective microorganisms on the transfer of radioactive cesium into lettuce and barley biomass / A.N. Nikitin, I.A. Cheshyk, G.Z. Gutseva, E.A. Tankevich, M. Shintani, S. Okumoto // Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. – 2018. – Vol. 192. – P. 491–497.