Fedor KUZ

Researcher, Radioecology Laboratory


Phone: +375 232 682 640

Fax: +375 232 570 706


Graduated from Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk (formerly known as Byelorussian State Medical University of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour) in 1982 with a qualification of an Epidemiologist.

Worked in his profession in the Minsk Region of Belarus (former BSSR) during 1982–1986, and in 1986 switched his career focus towards more of scientific and research occupations and joined the Gerontology Sector of the BSSR Academy of Sciences, transformed into Institute of Radiobiology of the BSSR Academy of Sciences in 1987, and later – of the NAS of Belarus. Under the leadership of Prof. E. Konoplya, was in charge of planning and implementation of research projects within the framework of State Chernobyl Recovery Programmes. Now, a researcher of Radioecology Laboratory, IRB NASB.