Laboratory of Public Health, Informational Support and International Project Activities

Background and key functions

Established in 2018 to provide informational support and promote IRB R&D at national and international academic levels, i.e. scientific conferences, workshops, expositions and fairs. PHISIPA lab offers advisory and technical assistance to the fellow researchers in preparing and submitting their project proposals, workshop registrations, fellowship applications and research grants, thereby contributing to broadening IRB’s scope of international appearances.

The lab is essentially involved in developing and enhancing information-sharing and risk communication approaches for the sake of improving the level of public radiological culture, safety of livelihoods and overall quality of life among the residents of Chernobyl-affected areas.


Galina Guzeva, head of laboratory, PhD AgriSc
Natalia Puzan, researcher
Aliona Mikhailova, lead interpreter
Inessa Psyrkova, junior researcher