изображение_2021-11-15_134730Junior Researcher

Radiobiology, radioecology, cytogenetics, molecular biology, radiation protection.


Graduated in 2010 from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty, with a qualification of Biologist in Research and Production Areas.

In the Institute of Forest, Gomel, in a position of junior researcher from 2011 until 2015.

2019 – present, a junior researcher at IRB’s Laboratory of Experimental Models.

Specializes in the micronucleus tests, comet assays, maintenance of Drosophila melanogaster populations.

One of the skilful operators of the Х-RAD 320 biological irradiator owned by IRB.

Since the start of her employment with IRB, has contributed to a number of completed and ongoing research projects within the framework of the National R&D Programme “Environment and Natural Resources”, such as:

“The study of the effects of basidiomycete culture bioactive extracts on the liver function recovery and body metabolic processes in mammals exposed to technogenic factors (ionizing radiation, xenobiotics)”;

“The study of the effect of radiation exposure of varying characteristics and in a wide dose range at different organizational levels of a living organism”;

“Assess the dose burdens and effect of ionizing radiation in combination with a stress factor of different nature on biota in the chronic radiation exposure area”;

“Analysis of adaptation processes in wild populations of animals if different systematic groups to the chronic exposure to high-level ionizing radiation”.

A co-author of more than 10 scientific works.


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N. I. Tsimokhina, N. N. Veyalkina, Y. V. Dvornik, A. U. Tsukanava, S. P. Novitskaya, K. M. Fabusheva. Effect of ionizing radiation on the tumor formation in lungs of mice of line Af at aging. In: Radiobiology: Contemporary Issues 2020 Int. Conf. Proceedings; Gomel, 24-25 Sep 2020; Institute of Radiobiology; pp. 135-137.


E-mail: yvdornik@gmail.com