Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Experimental Biological Models


Scientific interests

radiobiology, radioecology, cytogenetics

Education and Career

2010 – 2015      Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Biology Faculty

2015 – 2016      Research fellowship, National Center for Mariculture in Eilat, Israel

2017 – present   Junior researcher, Laboratory of Experimental Biological Models

Experienced in the micronucleus tests, comet assays, maintenance of Drosophila melanogaster populations.

Since the start of her employment with IRB, has contributed to a number of completed and ongoing research projects within the framework of the National R&D Programme “Environment and Natural Resources” and Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR), such as:

“Combined effects of anthropogenic radiation and non-radiation factors on the reproductive and other sensitive body systems, and the ways to enhance its general resistance against such factors”;

“The study of the effects of basidiomycete culture bioactive extracts on the liver function recovery and body metabolic processes in mammals exposed to technogenic factors (ionizing radiation, xenobiotics)”;

“The study of the effect of radiation exposure of varying characteristics and in a wide dose range at different organizational levels of a living organism”;

“Assess the dose burdens and effect of ionizing radiation in combination with a stress factor of different nature on biota in the chronic radiation exposure area”;

“Analysis of adaptation processes in wild populations of animals if different systematic groups to the chronic exposure to high-level ionizing radiation”;

“The role of apoptosis in the ovaries and the multi-generational reproductive changes in Drosophila melanogaster exposed to permanent electromagnetic radiation (WiFi)”;

“Acquisition and examination of the radioprotective properties of certain inosine complexes and the study of their potential practical applications”.

A co-author of more than 20 scientific works.


Veyalkina NN, Kadukova AM, Tsukanova AV, Shafarost KN, Fabusheva KM, Abdullayev AS, Shamilov EN. Radiomodifying effect of the inozine complex with CO(II) in the irradiation C57BL/6 line mice. Journal of the Belarusian State University. Ecology. 2020;1:46-54.

Fabusheva K., Veyalkina N., Shaforost A. The genotoxic effect of combined action of carbon tetrachloride and ionizing on Wistar rat’s liver cells. In: “From Molecules to Living Systems” 44th FEBS Congress (Krakow, 6-7 July 2019). Journal of FEBS Open Bio; vol. 9; p. 74.

Tsukanava A., Shakhouskaya V., Fabusheva K., Veyalkina N. Changes of reproductive parameters of D. melanogaster females under the influence of Wi-Fi EMR router at different stages of development. International conference on radiation applications (Belgrade, September 16-19, 2019). – Book of Abstracts. – P. 95.

K.M. Fabusheva, N.N. Veyalkina, S.N. Sushko Carcinogenesis in the lungs of mice line Af under the influence of radiation and chemical factors. In: European Radiation Research 2018 “The 44th Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society” (Pécs, 21-25 August 2018); p. 70.

N.N. Veyalkina, E.V. Tsukanova, K.M. Fabusheva. The effect of industrial frequency electromagnetic field (50 Hz) on development and fertility of Drosophila melanogaster (in Russian). In: Conf. Proc. Drosophila in Genetics and Medicine, Kurchatov Institute, 3–7 Oct 2017, Gatchina, Russia, 2017; p. 63.


E-mail: fabusheva_kseniya@mail.ru