Junior Researcher

Scientific interests:

radiobiology, radioecology, cytology, atomic force microscopy, cell biology and technologies

Personal background

Graduated from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Faculty of Biology (2009–2014).

Starting from September 2014, a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Experimental Biological Models, Institute of Radiobiology.

In May 2018, a research project under E. Tsukanava’s management was a winner of the BRFFR (Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research) contest among young scientists and was awarded a two-year grant.

Takes part in a number of ongoing research projects under the State R&D Programme on Natural Resources and Ecology (sub-programme “Radiation and Natural Recourses”) and Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research.

In 2021, won a competition for the Presidential Stipend for Young Talents in Science and was awarded a Presidential Scholarship.


Veyalkina NN, Kadukova AM, Tsukanova AV, Shafarost KN, Fabusheva KM, Abdullayev AS, Shamilov EN. Radiomodifying effect of the inozine complex with CO(II) in the irradiation C57BL/6 line mice. Journal of the Belarusian State University. Ecology. 2020;1:46–53. Russian.

N.I. Tsimokhina, N.N. Veyalkina, E.A. Nadyrov, Y.V. Dvornik, E.V. Tsukanova, K.M. Fabusheva. Effect of Single Irradiation on the Formation of Tumors in the Lungs of AF Mouse. Medical and Biological Problems of Life Activity. 2020;2(24):59–65.

Veyalkina NN, Kadukova AM, Nadyrov EA, Shachovskaya OV, Truchanovets VV, Dvornik YuV, Tsukanova EV, Miadzvedzeva AA. Protective  properties  of  water-ethanol  extract  Hericium erinaceus  in combined chemical-radiation  injury  in experiment. Journal of the Belarusian State University. Ecology. 2020;4:30–38. Russian. https://doi.org//10.46646/2521-683X/2020-4-30-38

Shklyarova AN, Tsukanova EV, Starodubtseva MN, Cheshik  IA. Lymphocyte cytoskeleton reorganization caused by a short-term action of an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (50 Hz) on the blood in vitro. Health and Ecology Issues. 2020;4:92–98. (In Russ.)

Starodubtseva M., Tsukanava A., Shkliarava N., Starodubtsev I., Kondrachyk A., Matveenkov M., Nedoceikina M., Nadyrov E. Nanomechanical Properties of the Huvec Cell Surface Studied by Peakforce QMN Mode of Atomic Force Microscopy. In: Innovative Approaches to Ensuring the Quality of Education, Scientific Research and Technological Processes. Monograph 43. Series of Monographs ; Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts, Katowice School of Technology ; ed. M. Gawron-Lapuszek, Yu. Suchukova. – Publisher : Polska : Publishing House of University of Technology, Katowice, 2021. P. 25–31.

Maria N. Starodubtseva, Eldar A. Nadyrov, Nastassia M. Shkliarava, Alena U. Tsukanava, Ivan E. Starodubtsev, Aleksey N. Kondrachyk, Matsvei V. Matveyenkau, Marina S. Nedoseikina. Heterogeneity of nanomechanical properties of the human umbilical vein endothelial cell surface. Microvasc. Res. 2021 07 9;136:104168. Epub 2021 Apr 9.


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