Senior Researcher

Study of the population of Alveolar Macrophages under combined effects pollutants (Morphology, Morphometry,
and Functional Activity); Investigation of radioprotective and antitumor efficacy of Basidiomycetes; Animal Behavior investigation and their Welfare


Institution: Belarusian State University, Speciality: "Biology and Chemistry", specialization: “Physiology of
Human and Animals”;

International Sakharov Environmental University, Speciality: Radioecologist;

The Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research-Sosny: Postgraduate Studies in Radiobiology;

2021 – retraining at the level of higher education in the specialty "Pedagogical activity in English" on the basis of the Gomel State Medical University


Alena Kadukova, Sviatlana Sushko, Natallia Tsimokhina. Tumor microenvironment and possibilities of its correction at mice A/J in conditions of environmental factors of the zone of the Chernobyl disaster. In: “Seed and Soil in vivo Models of Metastasis” First Joint EACR-MRS Conf. Proc.; 27-29 Nov 2017, Berlin, Germany; p. 66.

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Veyalkina NN, Kadukova AM, Tsukanova AV, Shafarost KN, Fabusheva KM, Abdullayev AS, Shamilov EN. Radiomodifying effect of the inozine complex with CO(II) in the irradiation C57BL/6 line mice. Journal of the Belarusian State University. Ecology. 2020;1:46-54.

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Kadukova A.M., Veyalkina N.N., Faybusheva K.M., Gancharou S.V. Effects of environmental radiation on the populations of murine rodents and earthworms living in the areas with increased level of radionuclides in the remote period after the Chernobyl accident // Meeting in Nor Amberd: Fifth International Conference, Dedicated to N. W. Timofeeff-Ressovsky and His Scientific School “Modern Problems of Genetics, Radiobiology, Radioecology, and Evolution”, Nor Amberd, 5–10 Oct. 2021: Abstracts of Presentations; Memories & Discussions; Lectures. — Dubna: JINR, 2021. — P. 124.


E-mail: helena.kad@mail.ru, +375257446044