Aksionenka Volha Sergeevna

СнимокJunior researcher

Radiobiology, radioecology, molecular biology

Graduated from the Sakharov International State Ecological Institute of the Belarusian State University with a degree in Medical Ecology (environmental expertise). She completed her master’s degree with a Master’s degree in biological Sciences.





1. Aksenenko, O. S. Morbidity and prevention of lung cancer in the Republic of Belarus / O. S. Aksenenko // Ecology: modern problems of 2021: materials of the international scientific conference "Sakharov Readings of 2021″ – Minsk, 2021. – pp. 10-13.
2. Aksenenko, O. S., Veialkina, N. N., Dvornik, Yu. V., Medvedeva, E. A. Comparison of the effect of gamma and X-ray radiation on spontaneous tumor formation in the lungs of Af mice / O. S. Aksenenko, N. N. Veialkina [et al.] // Materials of scientific conf. “The Modern world: Nature and man" – Kemerovo, 2021. – pp. 46-54.
3. Aksenenko O.S., Shchurova E.A., Veialkina N.N. The effect of X-ray radiation on the redistribution of lung cell populations of mice of the C57BL/6 line// "Actual problems of biology and ecology" (with elements of a
scientific school), March 21-25, 2022, Syktyvkar, Russia (publication of abstracts, online report).